Day 4 – Enchanting Namsan Tower or N Seoul Tower N서울타워 on 13Nov2016 (Seoul 10-13Nov2016)

namsan tower

so our last stop for this evening & for this seoul trip 10-13nov2016 was namsan tower, or N Seoul Tower N서울타워 on 13.11.2016. ^^

namsan tower

our flight was 12.35am. so wife booked one extra night on 13.11.2016,.

this very important as we want to have a room to return to, to bathe etc before leaving for the airport around 9pm. the extra night just S$90/night, & with cleaning & admin charges total about S$495 for 4 nights.

namsan tower

so after Sam Cheong Dong 삼청동 & Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을), we took the subway to myeongdong station, visited lotte world department store, and walked around myeongdong a bit.

we forgot to factor in the crowd & queue & also that it took a while (15mins) to walk to the cable car station.

namsan tower & cable car

namsan tower & cable car

anyhow we were at the cable car station almost 5pm and the queue took about 1.5hrs. and the cable car ride was just 3mins! haha!

namsan tower

so we started with some evening scene, but basically by the time we entered the cable car ride, it was dark already.

namsan tower

it was peace & tranquillity…

the N Seoul Tower N서울타워 was like a lit beacon, luminous in the dark…

love locks

we took a short stroll around the tope of namsan…

and walked over to look at the love locks…

love locks

a Korean invention??

put up a lock & throw away the key….saw these in many Korean tv dramas of yesteryears…

& only recently, we discovered similar replicas of love locks on cheung chau island in hong kong.

love locks

I supposed it can be a meaningful personal chapter….

seoul night view

we hang around to stare into the night..

seoul night view

not such clear evening..

seoul night view

a nice feel to it like any aerial night scene & from a higher vantage point…

namsan tower

& a slightly mysterious N Seoul Tower N서울타워….

namsan tower

seeing it through the swaying tree branches…

we were tired after being out the whole day, so we did not stay long & was quite happy to take the cable car down & looking forward to a nice dinner before packing up to leave for the airport.

c.h.e.f andy


Namsan Tower or N Seoul Tower N서울타워


105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan 2(i)ga-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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